let’s think about pictures

what makes a picture?

you have a phone. you point it at something, often yourself, and push a button. then you have a picture. but is that something special?


of course taking pictures of yourself, in the moment, at the time is a special thing.

it makes you feel like you are there when you look at it.

it makes you remember the time, the people, the smell, the taste, the feeling of the moment.

so what do we do?

we help you to remember those moments that you don’t want to capture yourself.

we create memories out of times when you are living rather than trying to figure out where to put your phone so you get the best selfie.

we show you at your best so your mind can rest easy knowing you are beautiful.

and we can show you to others in a way that they will almost remember it, when they weren’t actually there.

a picture is not worth a thousand words.

it’s worth a million feelings.